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Rebounding is a great FUN exercise that reduces body fat ... It also firms legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips. Rebounding increases agility; improves the sense of balance; strengthens muscles overall; provides an aerobic effect for the heart. It rejuvenates the body when it's tired, and generally puts one in a state of health and fitness. Rebound on a Needak rebounder with the soft bounce springs to get a great, fun workout.

Tony Robbins, an international lecturer, advisor to world leaders, and author of Unlimited Power ... calls rebounding "one of the best all-weather aerobic exercises." He points out that it "strengthens every organ in the body," and suggests that readers "please take the time to pursue this life-enhancing form of exercise."

USA Made Needak Rebounders are the best in the world.

* High-quality materials with superior American workmanship
* Real people support before AND after the sale.
* Solid and stable rebounding platform with 6 legs since 1990.
* Frame components securely attached with a high tech welding process.
* Spring-loaded legs that fold down for ease of storage.
* Industrial strength Permatron fabric mat for durability and long life.
Permatron fabric is known for its quality, performance, and durability. (5-year Warranty!)
* Lifetime frame warranty - 5-year mat warranty - 2-year component warranty.
* Optional stabilizing bar for beginners, seniors and those who want added stability.
* Optional carry bag for folding rebounder for those on the go.
* Needak Rebounders current made have a 40" diameter with a jump area of 28".


Stabilizer Bar vs No Stabilizer Bar 

Rebounding with a stabilizer bar keeps you bouncing in the center of your rebounder. Many users rebound while watching a video, television program or talking, singing or listening to others. Stabilizer bars are great for the beginner or for seniors who want the extra stability and safety.


Folding vs Non Folding Rebounders

Both folding and non folding rebounder frames are equally strong. If you would like to travel with you rebounder, we suggest our folding rebounder. An optional travel bag can be ordered also.

To close your rebounder, be sure to remove the optional spring cover to avoid it being caught in the hinges. 2) Fold your rebounder legs by turning your rebounder upside down on a flat surface, then, pull each leg up and over the platform pin and lay legs towards the center of the mat. To open the rebounder follow directions in reverse.








 * * *   FREE BONUS ITEMS    * * *    FREE BONUS ITEM     * * * 

* FREE Spring cover skirt included.
* A free DVD “Immune System” by Albert Carter.
* A free DVD "Bounce Before You Jump" by Linda Brooks. 
* 3cc synthetic lubricant ($2.50 retail) with setup and maintenance instructions
*  "Jumping For Health" by Dr. Morton Walker reprint from The Townsend Letter for Doctors.


* 98% of customers choose a Soft Bounce *

The Needak Hard-Bounce folding rebounders have stiffer springs which creates a harder surface when compared to the Needak soft-bounce folding rebounders. The hard-bounce is designed for very intense athletes and for people over 300 lbs. and up to 600 lbs.

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 Rebounder FAQ's

Question: What is the difference between the Needak® rebounder and others?

Answer: Needak® is a manufacturer of rebounders -- and rebounders are the ONLY thing we manufacture. Models available through discount stores or marketing/promotion companies are imported. We have control over all aspects of production -- they get the most inexpensive model they can (Generally quality is not an issue with marketers, only price).

Needak® insists on producing the highest quality rebounder. Our price may be a few dollars more, but you get a rebounder that will provide many years of service and is more gentle on your body. If it doesn't have the Needak label on it, you can be almost 100% certain it is an Asian import.

Question: Is your rebounder design outdated?

Answer: Needak® offers a solid, time tested design.  For instance, our hinge design is virtually indestructible.  It costs us more to build it, but we know it will provide years of service and establishes a solid and stable rebounding platform. 

Over the years, various "pretty" new designs have been offered.  Some of these endangered the user and eventually all have failed.  (Frankly, a good spring cover hides most of the design elements anyway.)

Question: Why is your rebounder "round" instead of some other shape?

Answer: The round design is the best because it places even stress force upon all components.  As you rebound, the same force is applied to the mat, springs, and frame in front of you, behind you, and on either side of you.

Any design which places springs in a corner, those springs to absorb unequal impact and they tend to break more frequently than the springs along the straight sides which do not flex as much.

Question: Why is your Soft-bounce spring better than other types of springs for rebounding?

Answer: Needak® Mfg. innovated the Soft-Bounce™ spring which absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce.  This is due to the unique barrel shape of the spring.  The diameter of the coils increases as you move toward the center of the spring. 

There are generally 2 types of springs found on imported rebounders.  The classic spring found on low-end imported rebounders is a shorter spring and tends to be very stiff.  A few imports use a spring that looks like our Soft-Bounce™ spring.

Fact:  Springs will break.  Common sense tells you that if you flex metal, it will eventually break.  We do not make exaggerated or unfounded claims about our springs.  It would surprise you how many people come to us for springs and relate stories of dissatisfaction with marketing companies who told them things such as, "Our springs never break, that is why we don't carry them in stock." or "You obviously misused your rebounder to cause breakage."  If you leave a rebounder in the closet and never use it, you won't break springs.  If you get the benefits out of a rebounder, spring replacement is an inexpensive maintenance item.

Question: What is the new Hard-Bounce Spring?  

Answer: Needak® proudly introduced the Hard-Bounce spring in February, 2008 as a response to the problems found in the classic rebounder spring. Customers who are over 300 pounds cannot generally use the Soft-bounce spring because it stretches enough to allow them to touch the floor as they bounce. For years they have been forced into the "Classic" rebounder spring which was of shorter length and did not allow this to happen. Unfortunately it was also very stiff and would allow some jarring to the joints as they bounced. This stiffness also cause premature spring failure. The new Hard-bounce spring is styled after the Soft-bounce, but only absorbs 35% of the bounce giving more support to heavier users and professional athletes. It has a considerably longer life and is interchangeable in length with our Soft-bounce spring.

Question: Is there any assembly required?

Answer: The folding rebounder come delivered folded in half if it's a folding rebounder. You would have to open it and then seat the legs on the platform pin and then it's ready to use. On the non fold, just seat the legs on the platform pin. If the customer also orders the stabilizer bar they would also need to attach it before use. The leg tips would be already removed on 2 of the legs of the rebounder. The customer would need to slide the legs of the bar onto those legs of the rebounder and then put the legs tips back on.

Question: Is the folder rebounder as strong as the non folding rebounder?

Answer: The folding rebounder is just as stable as the nonfold. They both have the lifetime of the purchaser warranty. It is only for the convenience of the customer who might not have a lot of space or someone who wanted to take it along with them on trips.

 Why is the spring cover an optional accessory?

The true purpose of the "spring cover" is to deflect your foot away from the bullhorn of the mat cleat.  For many years, all rebounders used a bullhorn style cleat which had a metal end that protruded between the spring sets.  The metal "horn" was used to keep the cleat from sliding out from the fabric tabs. 


You still see this sort of cleat on cheap Asian imports.  The bullhorn allows the mat to be produce cheaply as it does not need to be precisely positioned.  Production speed can be increased significantly due to this sloppy mat construction .

Needak uses a safety cleat which is enclosed by the fabric tab. 

There are no metal protrusions and therefore no need for the spring cover.  

 Needak, the only rebounder proudly made in the USA!


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