Needak Soft Bounce Non Folding Rebounder & bonus items

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Soft-Bounce™ Non-Folding 
 Needak® Rebounder

Improve fitness and exercise your heart by bouncing and having fun. The Needak Rebounder is a low impact mini trampoline that burns fat and calories fast.

Color choices are Black or Blue.

Suitable for people up to 300 lbs.


5 Bonus items included !

* Spring cover skirt

* A free DVD “Immune System” by Albert Carter.

* A free DVD "Bounce Before You Jump" by Linda Brooks. 

* 3cc synthetic lubricant ($2.50 retail) with setup and maintenance instructions

*  "Jumping For Health" by Dr. Morton Walker reprint from The Townsend Letter for Doctors.




The rebounder has 6 legs. 

The Maximum weight is 300 lbs. 

The rebounder sits 10" off the floor.

Actual Width of Rebounder is 40 inches.

Jumping mat working surface is 28 inches across. 


Shipping Dimensions Folded: 40 x 20 x 3 and 31 lbs. 

Shipping Dimensions Non-Fold: 40 x 40 x 3 and 31 lbs.


Optional Stablizer Bar is added to same package, but add 10 more lbs.