Inversion Therapy is a natural, anti-gravity therapy.
It increases circulation, relieves back pain, and reduces tension and stress.
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InversionUSA tables and sports therapy equipment will help you

Stretch and Relax Muscles
Relieve Back Pain
Reduce Stress and Tension
Stimulate Circulation
Strengthen Muscles, Ligaments, and more.

We've provided doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, our military, NFL teams, sports trainers, athletes and customers alike with inversion tables and other therapy products.

InversionUSA is a specialty site for better-quality inversion equipment designed for inversion therapy of the back. Teeter Hang Ups appears to be the leader in Inversion Equipment which is shown by their quality, UL listings, and generous warranties. Teeter Hang Ups has evolved from its previous F series inversion tables in 2010 which included the F5000, F7000, F8000, F9000. Teeter Hang Ups then introduced the EP series inversion tables in 2015 which includes the EP-560, EP-960, EP-950, EP-850, EP-560 SPORT when they phased out the F series inversion tables. Teeter Hang Ups phased out its commercial motorized inversion tables including the Power VI and the Power DFM Inversion Table in 2019. In 2020, Teeter introduced the FitSpine series which is now a very popular inversion table.

For the taller and heavier users, check out our ProMax Inversion Table. The ProMax offers a 600 lbs weight capacity with a 6' 9" height limit. With 5 preset angles and 25 total height settings that offer FACE-UP or FACE-DOWN inversion for the home or office setting.

Bent knee inversion products include the Dex II and the now discontinued Back Revolution System.