Health Mark Pro Max Inversion System
Health Mark Pro Max Inversion System
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Health Mark Pro Max Inversion System

Product Specifications
Shipping Weight: 115 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 48" x 46" x 8"
Set up Weight: 85 lbs.
Set up Dimensions: 77"T x 28"W x 75"D
Inside the handles is 25"
A 4x6ft working area is advised

Face UP or Face Down Inversion System - Up to 600 lbs.

The HealthMark Pro Max Face Up Face Down Inversion Table has so many uses that it is practically an entire home-fitness area in one package. Several functions in one amazing machine. It brings relief to back aches, stress or compression fatigue. It can be part of a fitness workout regimen for professional, massage therapists, and the home users. Looking for a cost-effective inversion table for massages ? You'll find the Health Mark Pro Max fits the bill.

Constructed on a sturdy steel-frame with a padded bed, ankle rests, several pre-set angles, comfortable foam pads, and a headrest, the Health Mark Pro Max face up face down inversion table is truly the best way to get so many uses out of one incredibly well-equipped machine. The HealthMark Pro Max inversion table is adjustable up to 6' 9" in height and can accommodate up to 600 lbs of weight.

Product Features:
* Stimulates blood to release stress, compression fatigue and back pain
* Comfortable padded bed
* Face-down inversion for inverted massage
* Accommodates heights ranging from 4’ 10" to 6’ 9"
* Non-slip foot plate
* 2 castors for easy transport
* Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
* Dual 180 degree inversion for traction
* Rolled thigh, knee and ankle support
* This product has a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Inversion tables are popular fitness equipment with physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and at home. The HealthMark Pro Max Inversion Table is key to both fitness and pain relief.

The Pro Max inversion table sports a variety of uses: For those with aches and pains, it can be used as vibration therapy to decompress the spine and stimulate blood flow to alleviate stress, compression fatigue and lower-back pain. The adjustable massage-style head and face rest coupled with face up face down inversion will have everyone appreciating the Pro Max inversion table's ease of use, comfort and functionality. The HealthMark Pro Max inversion table is a unique piece of health fitness equipment to enhance or expand your work-outs.

The Pro Max gravity inversion table features dual-180 degree inversion for traction; 6 preset angle positions; rolled thigh, knee, and ankle support; full-arc handle bars for easy return from any angle; adjustable support for knees, legs, and thighs; and the Latch and Lock Ankle Bracket System for secure traditional or face-down inversion table therapy.

The manufacturer does NOT accept returns on this product. BE SURE YOU WANT THIS PRODUCT BEFORE YOU BUY IT. We have never experienced any damages during shipment because this product is double packed. Not only is the product well made, it has extra protection and padding during shipment. In the unlikely event you have a defective or damaged part, the manufacturer will send you the necessary parts to make this table as new. If a customer ships this product back without our consent it will be treated as a forced return. If a customer refuses delivery, it will be considered a forced return. Any forced returns will incur 3 actual shipping charges. (Forced returns are re-routed to a 3rd location (InversionUSA) for repackaging and re-selling as a "refurbished" product.) All 3 actual shipping charges incurred PLUS a restocking fee of $300 will be deducted from the customers before the refund is given.


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Machine
By J. Burnett (USA) - See all my reviews
I purchased the Health Mark Pro Max table through Amazon. The product arrived ahead of schedule. I work as a master mechanic, so I know good mechanicals when I see them. This table is a work of art. Everything about it is top quality. The frame is very rugged, and the bearing assembly which the table pivots on is fantastic. Every tool needed was supplied. The material which the table is covered in is feels like suede, but is much tougher. The capacity of this table is 600 lbs., as opposed to 300 lbs. for others, and it shows! Well worth the $800.

5.0 out of 5 stars Bombproof design & construction!
By John W. Smith "Body Doc" (Taos, N.M. US) - See all my reviews
I read product reviews of lots of other inversion tables, and decided to go with this one as I needed it for my clinic. This table is rated for 600 lb., over 2 times what any other tables I saw were rated for. It went together easily in about 1 1/2 hrs., and the only tricky part was the frame itself, and then only because the tolerances are tight, which now that it is together, will prevent any squirreliness. This table is particularly useful in that you can be face up or face down, and can easily use it either way by yourself and not be concerned about getting stuck. It also allows for the physician / body worker to work on the client in one of several pre set and rock solid positions. It doesn't fold up, so make a permanent space. Overall is an excellent product with tight tolerances in its manufacture. I've had several over the past 30 yrs., and this is the best I've seen.