Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots with calf loop

Hang Ups Gravity Boots

$99.95 Reg. Price $129.00   You Save $29.05

Used our gravity boots with Teeter Hang Ups EZ-up rack or inversion bar. If you want to use these boots with your Teeter inversion table see the "Adapter Kit" which comes with the CV bar also to convert your Teeter inversion table to boot use.

The Gravity Boots come in 2 sizes: The gravity boots come in 2 sizes, Standard and XL. Select XL only if your calf muscle is 16" or larger. The XL boots have a diameter 1 inch larger and 1 1/2 inch taller than the Standard. The XL boots are not made with calf loops as they are not needed.

  • Dual Self-locking rachet buckles: For added safety, our Gravity Boots will not release even when the lever arm is in the open position. A release tab must first be depressed to release the buckle strap.
  • Padding provides Unparalleled comfort: The boot liners are a special blend of 5/8" foam designed to give maximum comfort with minimum compression. The unique feature of our padding system is the boot shell around it.
  • Flexible Shell: Manufactured of light, highly durable DuPont Hytrel material for a comfortable fit that minimizes any pressure points.
  • Strength: The bar hook is pressure molded nylon-glass alloy. Lab tests of hook strength shows supporting capability of more than 1,600 lbs. per hook.
  • Removeable Calf Loops: Removeable calf loops reduce ankle load & prevents the front edge of boot from putting pressure on the top of foot. They also puts a 2º bend in the knees, which is more comfortable than inverting with straight legs.