Roman Frame

Roman Frame


This loveseat lounger is NOT Included in this Price. This is for the frame only!

This stylish 600 lb rated laquer finished frame accommodates 1 loveseat lounger, 2 airchairs or 2 loungers.

Use center eyebolts for single airchairs and loungers or use outter eyebolts for loveseats.

70" tall at ends & 77" tall in center
Footprint front to back 55" 
Footprint left to right 6' 6"
Allow 1" behind frame for rocking.
3"x3" hardwood used for legs
Shipping box: 80" x 8" x 8"
Weight : 75 lbs.

The Outback Lounger has a 6 month warranty from date of purchase.

Coat this frame with a polyurethane each season. Polyurethane spray or brush on is suggested. If maintenance has been neglected, stain first and then polyurethane.