2 inversion table pivot arms

Pivot Arms - 2 generic pivot arms


These pivot arms are being fulfilled twice a month by a third party.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order unless you specify upgraded shipping. These pivot arms work on all lifegear inversion tables, and other brands and models. We have published specs for our pivots arms below. It is ultimately the customers responsibility to verify that these pivot arms do fit properly on there model. We will publish other model #'s below if a customer lets us know after the fact.

Release of Liability: By purchasing this part, the buyer agree to accept all responsibilty installing and determining that this after market part fits properly and was installed properly on the lifegear inversion table. Customer releases inversionusa.com from any liability resulting in harm or injury due to this part being an incorrect part or by improper installation. If there is any question of proper fit or safety, do not use your inversion table and consult a professional.

Spec of this pivot arm
Flat section with the 3 holes length 10 7/8" long
The weight of 1 metal pivot arm is about 20 oz.
The width of the flat bar is 1 1/4"
The thickness of the flat bar is about 7/32" thick.
The width of each of the 3 holes are 1/2" wide.
Center to center measurement of each hole is 15/16"

Specs of the round area off the end of the flat bar
The round extension length extends from flat section 1 7/8" total
The round section from flat bar area to the beginning of the grooved area is 1 3/8".
The grooved area around the round section is 3/16" wide
The round section after the grooved area to the end is 1/4" thick.


Below are Brand/Model #'s of table confirmed to have worked by customer.
LifeGear Model 75111
LifeGear Model 75112
LifeGear Model 75114
LifeGear Model 75115
LifeGear Model 75117
LifeGear Model 75118
LifeGear Model 75124
LifeGear Model 75125
LifeGear Model 75128
LifeGear Model 75129
LifeGear Model 75161
LifeGear Model 75163
LifeGear Model 75164
LifeGear Model 75165
LifeGear Model 75177

Let us know the model number of your table once you installed the pivot arms.  We will then publish your findings about your particular table. 

Returns: If you buy this part and it does not fit, you may return it within 2 weeks of purchase, only if in NEW condition. We will deduct actual shipping charges from your refund. We will not charge a handling charge.