Picture of a spring used in the Hard Bounce Needak Rebounder.

Needak Parts - Mat Springs - Hard Bounce - 6 per set


Hard-Bounce™ Needak® Rebounders

people over 300 lbs and up to 600 lbs and for intense athletes.

Stiffer springs on the Hard-Bounce creates a harder surface for those looking for a stiffer bounce. For people over 300 lbs and up to 600 lbs.

Each Needak® Hard-Bounce™ rebounders includes :

* BONUS * A free spring cover skirt included in with all rebounders.

* BONUS * A free DVD "Bounce Before You Jump" by Linda Brooks.

* BONUS * A free DVD of the “Immune System” by Albert Carter.

Carter demonstrates the Needak rebounder and explains immune system functioning.

* BONUS * A free copy of "Total Health" reprint article by Dr. Wellman.

Comes in colors of Black or Blue.

Specifications Hard Bounce The rebounder sits 10" off the floor The rebounder has 6 leg Actual Width of Rebounder is 40" Jumping area to springs is 29" Maximum weight : up to 600 lbs. Shipping Dimensions Folded: 40 x 20 x 3 and 31 lbs. Shipping Dimensions Non - Fold: 40 x 40 x 3 and 31 lbs. Optional Stablizer Bar is added to same package, but add 10 more lbs.