AirChair Cover - Beige and Brown
AirChair Cover - Beige and Brown
AirChair Cover - Beige and Brown 1
AirChair Cover - Beige and Brown 2

AirChair Cover - Beige and Brown


Protect your AirChair from the sun, wind, and dirt with this beige and brown AirChair cover.

* This cover is sealed at the bottom and one of the sides. the other side has a zipper. (design similar to a garment bag.)

* The solid side has a sewn in fabric handle with a hidden covered vent below the handle. 

* The zippered side zips down from the top to the brown sealed bottom area. (See pic)

* This cover is designed so the AirChair can be stored inside cover with dowels connected. 
NOTE: Keep "ALL" dowel connected with both "arms dowels" turned 90 degrees so ALL dowels run the same direction inside the cover as the "overhead dowel". This creates a thin package for storage and wind resistance.

To Store in an alternate location: Once AirChair is positioned inside cover (as described above) and zipped up, un-hook the S-hook/s from the above connection. Hold the ropes below S-hook and carry your covered AirChair to your alternate location. You can use your other hand and grab the handle on the cover if needed to aid in carrying to the new location. You can then hang the S-hook/s again to a new location. Improvise new hanging support for storage area. (e.g. an eyebolt, a rope with a loop, end of garage door track, etc.)

* Some users have suggested using a small "ball bungee" to wrap the top neck area of covered AirChair to keep ropes, S-hook/s, and zipper end exposed out the top of the cover. Make sure you store your AirChair dry too!