2 LIFEGEAR LARGE Ankle & Heel Cushion Pads & Metal Holders

2 LIFEGEAR LARGE Ankle & Heel Cushion Pads & Metal Holders



This "LARGE" Ankle and Heel Cushion set is about 30% larger than the many ankle and heels cushion sets on most (98%+) inversion tables that use a half-moon heel cushion. This thicker ankle and heel cushion was found on only a few inversion table models. This larger heel cushion does have the same 15/16" shaft hole as the regular heel cushion but requires a larger metal cushion holder which is included. This "included" metal cushion holders has an oval hole and a tab to keep the cushion & metal from slipping while on the shaft.

If you already have the correct metal heel holders with an oval holes and tab AND want to save  few dollars, you can opt out of the metal holders in the shopping cart. 

If you plan on modifying your inversion table to THIS larger size, be sure your shaft diameter is 7/8" and long enough to accommodate the 1" wider (on each side) heel cushion & metal.

Check your existing measurements before ordering. We have tried to be as specific as possible regarding the specs of these generic heel cushions. Heel cushions should slide snugly onto your shaft. Any undue force used to install these cushions to a larger shaft will crack the cushion around the shaft holes, making them non-returnable. FYI, Inversion table manufacturers have made various size heel cushions over the years.  We have provided our dimensions and it is your ultimate decision whether to modify your table.


The dimension around the outside of the curved arch of this heel cushion is 7 inches (177mm) long.
The length along the outside spine of the back is 4 3/8 inches (111mm) long.

These black heel cushions fit our metal heel holders which are 5 3/4 inches (146mm) long x 2 3/8 inches (60mm) wide. The holes on the metal are more of an oval to accommodate the arch of the cushion. There is a small tab on the outside of one of the oval holes of the metal holders which is meant to go towards the outside of the shaft to keep the heel cushion fixed on the shaft. 

The hole of the heel cushion is 15/16 inch (22mm) in diameter which should slide onto your existing shaft snuggly. The center of  the hole and then over the spine to the center point of the other hole is 3 3/8 inches (86mm). To install the heel with the metal, the hole of one of the metal then one hole of the heel cushion is inserted and worked onto the shaft, then the other hole of the heel cushion followed by the final oval hole of the metal holder with the tab on the outside to help keep the cushion and the metal on the shaft. Making sure the heel cushion is on the shaft considerably as the original heel cushion was. 


Guarantee & Returns: The factory guarantees these heel cushions for a period of 30 days after receiving them. If they do not fit, you may return these heel cushions to us within 2 weeks of receiving them. They MUST be in new condition and not damaged to receive a refund. YOU will be responsible for shipping charges back to us. Once a return is inspected and determined to be in new condition, we will issue a refund LESS actual shipping costs to your location.

You might be able to save a few dollars by re-using your current metal cushion holders by selecting "I Do Not want the metal cushions holders" once you've added cushions to your shopping cart. JUST BE SURE your current metal cushion holders are in good condition and the correct size for your heel cushions. Again, we have provided our dimensions and it is your ultimate decision to buy & safely repair / modify your inversion table.

Heel cushions orders are fulfilled twice a month by a third party.

Allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order.  

Faster processing can be selected in your shopping cart.